Mischa Price

Open Jams

UI design, UX design, Research, Prototyping

Project summary

Open Jams was a mobile application prototype, based around lowering the barrier of entry for Vancouver's amateur musicians into the music scene. In a group with Natalie Lingren and Izzy Chan we researched our potential users and built out a functional prototype of the application.

The problem

There aren't many easy ways for amateur musicians to play and create together in Vancouver. We imagined an app specifically targeted at musicans so they could host and attend "jams" around the city.

mockup of open jams app map view

Background research

Interviews and surveys were done with members of the music community. I created a survey intended to see what technologies musicians already use, and if our idea was going to solve any real problems.

Initial ideas

At first we looked into apps that allowed musician to collaborate on songs through an application. This lacked the human connection and social connections of the jamming idea. We wanted our app to manifest itself more in the real world than the online one.


We started with an app that stayed mainly in a map view to keep things simple. We then realized that if a user didn't wish to share location this would offer a substandard experience. We then created a browse view to allow Jams to be discovered in lists and categories.

sketches of app UI

Final form

Our Final app was made using the prototyping software ProtoPie with artboard from Adobe XD. I was mainly in charge of getting the micro-interations and animations to work in the prototype. Our final prototype was built from several rounds of user testing.

app screenshots
Screenshots from final app, see full prototype here

Main take aways

Open Jams really opened me up to the world of UI design, and how well informed and thoughtful design have the power to create change. It was a great lesson is how to build out a consistent design language in both style and function.