Mischa Price

All Weather YVR

Branding, Graphic Design, Social Media, Public Engagement

illustration with type and bikes and clouds

Project summary

All Weather YVR was a campaign to engage with and educate residents of Vancouver about cycling in wet conditions. I worked in a team with Natalie Lingren, Sophia Larney and Calvin Chung at Citystudio Vancouver. I branded the campaign while running the instagram and twitter to promote the project. As well as the graphic design and illustrations for a guide to cycling in the rain.

preview of instagram profile for All Weather YVR

The problem

Traffic congestion is often a daily scourge for Vancouverites, and one of the easiest ways to cut down on traffic is for more people to switch to bikes. We wanted to see what people’s hesitations were around cycling especially in inclement weather.

Background research

We looked deeply into what the city of Vancouver and other organizations such as bike HUB were doing already. We looked at reports and plans to see where the city was today with its biking and where the city wants to go in the future.

Natalie and Calvin doing cloud construction
The construction of our custom cloud prop

Initial ideas

Our initial starting point was around transportation as a theme. I suggested we focused on active transportation in the rain, as it connected with city policy and is a current topic that I am passionate about.


As the lead graphic designer went through lots of iterations of sticker designs and a brand identity for the project’s social media arms and our cycling guide. As a team we worked through different public engagement strategies we would take on our day of action.

illustrated guide to biking in the rain

Final form

Our main draw was a very large cloud covered in papermache and pillow fluff. This acted as our draw on our day of action, where we talked to people on the Seawall. We then took the data we collected and our research and designed a guide to make biking in the rain more approachable.

a large faux cloud with a bike

Main takeaways

Running the social media and graphic design taught me about creating a cohesive brand and sticking to it. It also was great practice talking and engaging with strangers, and how to get them to interact with our prompts.